Markham, Toronto 2019 Conference

Is the Dragon Sleeping in the house?

Understanding the landscape of nuclear challenges for Canada 


On November 2, 2019, join us in Toronto to explore the nuclear realities for Canada.


Conference participants will be encouraged to engage in a conversation through an international and domestic lens.

The foundation and future of nuclear energy in Ontario - A Brief History

November 02, 2019

Ontario is the second most nuclearized jurisdiction in the world with 18 working nuclear power reactors that all coming to the end of their lives in the next decade. Unfortunately, the Ontario government is moving forward with rebuilding 12 and extending the life of 6 of our aging reactors at very high cost and risk, locking us into nuclear power for another 5 decades while the rest of the world goes renewable. An overview of the nuclear era in Ontario.

Why we should be concerned about the Nuclear Arms Race

November 02, 2019

Nine nations possess nuclear weapons and have begun a modernization program of their warheads and delivery platforms. The return to a new period of Great Power competition has been acknowledged by world leaders but this new emergence will not be taken too kindly by existing powers when challenged; hence, the most likely outcome is war.  Majority are unaware that the nuclear arsenals are ready and able to be deployed in less than 30 minutes. The doomsday clock is ticking at just two minutes to midnight!

The Great Lakes Radiation Environment

November 02, 2019

Where we live and what we face at home – The Great Lakes Region Nuclear Hot Spots,  Nuclear facilities and their legacies on both sides of the shared lakes of Canada and the United States, Transportation of high level radioactive waste through our communities,  Burial and future siting of nuclear waste, Security from Nuclear Terrorism, Climate change and its implication for Nuclear Power Plants on the Great Lakes. 

How Dangerous is Radiation from a Public Health Perspective?

November 02, 2019

Public health and radiation; nuclear and the genome; chronically contaminated communities; contaminated bodies; consequences of what you are most likely to be exposed to in your life.

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