2020 Webinar Program:


Hiroshimashi and Nagasakishi:

Never Forgotten

In Japanese, adding 'shi' means 'city'


Saturday, August 8th, 2020

10:00 AM


Dr. Julianne Hazen


10:10 AM

Nagasaki Bomb Survivor


Hibakusha Guest Speaker

Terumi Tanaka San


10:30 AM

Poetry Recitation

Poems from The Harvest (2014) by Dr. Asaf Durakovic

read by Ali Carter

“One Day of August 1998”
“Hiroshima Super Express”

10:40 AM 

"Values and Memories"

Dr. Linda Redfield Shakoor

11:05 AM

"Radioactive Remediation"

Dr. David Elijah Bell


11:30 AM

Q & A Session I


11:45 AM

"Living in a Radioactive World"

Mr. Tedd Weyman


12:10 PM

"New Nuclear Arms Race: Should we be concerned?"

Mr. Isaac Zimmerman


12:35 PM

"Survival Lessons"

Mr. Paul Zimmerman


1:00 PM

Q & A Session II


1:20 PM

Closing Remarks and Announcements

This program includes presentations for the general public at the above webinar conference with an allowed 10 minute grace period.


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