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Program Goals

asafnuclear free future award.webp

Dr. Asaf Durakovic receiving the Nuclear-Free Future Award.
Jaipur, India, 2004.


Dr. Asaf Durakovic at a conference presenting on the Effects of Depleted Uranium.

Knowledge -Reality -Empowerment 

GNA program objectives and intended learning outcomes:

  • Raise awareness of global nuclear realities and their potential opportunities and threats for humanity among concerned community members and professionals.


  • Provide high-quality, accessible, science-based education on nuclear energy and radiation and their potential applications and risks. ​​​​

  • Provide a world-class, interdisciplinary contemporary education program in global nuclear issues to increase awareness, understanding, appreciation, knowledge, and empowerment.

The Global Nuclear Awareness Program offers:



Public Presentations


Certificate Courses

Online Programs



All designed to build a deeper understanding of the current nuclear reality

and the challenges raised by it.





The Modern (Current and Future-oriented) Nuclear and Radiation Issues:

  1. War and Nuclear Winter 

  2. SMR’s and the rapid development to build the New Generation of Reactors

  3. Space Exploration, Mars and Moon Radiation

  4. Solar Storms and Atmospheric degradation due to Environmental Issues allowing Radiation from Space 

  5. Nuclear and Climate change, Nuclear and Future lives

  6. Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Issues

  7. Geopolitics: Iran, China, Russia

  8. Nuclear Technology Proliferation

  9. The New Generation of Weapons and Weapons platforms

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