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Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of nuclear technology and its potential  challenges? 

Do you work in a field where greater knowledge of nuclear realities and issues would be useful?


Our certificate programs will take you through the science of nuclear technology and its applications, along with the critical issues of the nuclear world. Program participants are awarded a certificate in Global Nuclear Awareness.


These engaging, science-based presentations will give you a broader view of the current nuclear reality and the opportunities and threats we face.

Do you live in a “Nuclear Community”?  


What are the issues of living near nuclear waste, uranium and plutonium processing facilities?

How contaminated, really, is the local and world environment from nuclear and atomic programs and industries?


Target Audience

Who Should Attend or Enroll?

Government (state, county, local): policy, education, organization, training


Community  (leaders, organizations, professionals): education, preparedness,  organization


Neighborhood (local leaders, community associations, etc): preparedness, mutual support, protection of vulnerable populations


Personal (family members, friends): preparedness, self-protection, mutual support

Live Sessions

Opening Webinar

Live presentation by Paul Zimmerman

Live Q&A Panel

Time Investment

5 weeks (15th May to 26th June)

Any 2 to 4 hours each week

15 hours in total to attain the GNA Certificate

Each Video presentation  is 45-75 minutes long with each lecture segmented thematically into shorter clips

Student - Centered Approach

Presenters can address your questions privately or through electronic discussion board interactions with other peers.


Email of the course moderator to facilitate communications between participants and presenters.

Questions posted to encourage deeper reflection on the materials, but there is no requirement to answer them.

Professional Format

Fact-based presentations to deepen your understanding of the current nuclear reality and challenges.

Posts on the discussion board in each module

Quizzes for Self Evaluation after each presentation

Links to extra readings and materials

A Short Course evaluation

The Global Nuclear Awareness Program Syllabus

Course Titles:

Living in a Radioactive World 

The Waters of the World: Global Nuclear Concerns

The Reality of Nuclear Risk: Situating ourselves in the context of nuclear Accidents and Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Weapons and Catastrophic Risk

Nuclear War: Why we Should be Concerned about the New Nuclear Arms Race

Personal and Global Realities of the Nuclear Era

Personal and Family Protection in the Enhanced Radiation Environment 


May 22nd to June 26th



Certificate granted to those who complete the course requirements within the time frame.

Refund Policy

A full refund is available if the participant withdraws within 3 days of registering. In the case of extenuating circumstances, contact us directly to discuss possible refunds.

Academic Requirements

An easily comprehensible, non-technical approach. No prerequisites required. 

Language: English


Students have the freedom to choose which modules to complete the certificate. 

5 Modules of your choice at your own pace.

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