Meet Our Team

Dr. Asaf Durakovic
May 16th,1940 -  December 16th, 2020


World Life Institute Center of Excellence

World Life Institute encapsulates Dr. Durakovic’s vision of combining academics and research with humanitarian engagement.  Efforts have emphasized research, education, healthcare, and humanitarian service, intertwining these domains in synergistic ways when possible. 


Through the continued work and dedication of Dr. Durakovic, a multitude of conference presentations, field reports, and training sessions have coalesced into a renewed vision: World Life Institute Center of Excellence (WLI-CoE).  At the heart of the new vision is a unique commitment to a publicly accessible form of higher education that integrates research and scholarship with humanitarian concerns for public health and welfare.  It is the position of WLI-CoE that an informed public is a healthier public and that a high-quality education is a right, as opposed to a privilege.  Further, the ‘privilege’ should take the form of the development of strategies for engaging diverse communities in order to strengthen ties through mutual trust, education and empowerment.


In 2017 a new style of academic programming built upon and combining the work of UMRC and REM was launched.  This is the flagship program, Global Nuclear Awareness (GNA).


  • Internationally renowned physician, researcher, and nuclear medicine specialist

  • Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

  • Professor of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Retired Colonel, United States Army Medical Corps

  • Director, Lakeview Medical Clinic, Waterport, New York

  • Recipient of the 2004 Nuclear-Free Future Award, Jaipur, India

  • Medical supervisor for the Children of Chernobyl in Jerusalem

  • Author of over 220 scientific books and articles, as well as multiple non-fiction works and volumes of enlightened poetry

  • Numerous international honors including appointment as a Lifetime Fellow of the International Biographical Institute and Contemporary Men of Achievement, Cambridge, England


Matin Shahin

Steering Committee

Deputy Director 

Julianne Hazen


Program Director 


Linda Redfield Shakoor

 PhD, MS

Communications Director

Lubna Ansar Zaidi

MEd, BEd


Tedd Weyman


The Global Nuclear Awareness Program Steering Committee is made up of a small group of leaders, volunteering their time periodically to fulfill the vision and mission of the program from program creation, liaising with the public to hosting conferences. The key concerns they address are the direction, scope, budget, duration, and strategies for each project.