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DNA Strands


Life-long Learning and Transformation



The mission of the Center of Excellence is to provide relevant and globally accessible educational programs of the highest quality. To do this, we draw on a full range of scientific, management, behavioral, and creative disciplines to prepare students for the challenges of today’s world.

The Global Nuclear Awareness Program is the Center’s flagship endeavor. GNA seeks to achieve a reputation locally, nationally, and internationally for academic and public policy excellence in the field of global nuclear issues and awareness. GNA works to provide important education programs for professionals and for the public. GNA is committed to providing these programs on a non-profit basis, for the improvement of humanity and the biosphere.

Specifically, GNA is dedicated to telling the facts based on science. Our webinars and courses help to cut through the confusion and misinformation about radiation and nuclear issues. These programs will help you determine whether there are really issues to be concerned about, and how to take action in your professional or personal life.

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